Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Yeah! I am so excited tomorrow is one of the best days of the year!! I cannot wait to open gifts and enjoy seeing others open theirs from me! I wish that today would speed up! I wish that it would just be night time, so I could get my new Pj's and then open one gift. Then I want to go to bed and wake up and have Christmas! Or the way my adorable cousin spelled it Chrismess! I guess whatever works!
Anyway, I would like to wish you all very merry Christmas, and may you enjoy the rest of the season!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I am so happy, it is officially Christmas time! I love the radio stations, the decorations, I just love it all. The present wrapping is even fun! Okay after about the 47 gift that I've wrapped I am sufficiently all done. I am hyped for the Nutcracker which I get to attend with my friend Alyssa. I can't decide what I am going to wear. But since I have a few days I am not worried. I love the holiday season! Christmas is the best time of year.
But in the fun of all these things I often forget the reason for this fabulous season. Jesus, his birth, his life. That is the reason for this season. I know that if I said that the gifts didn't matter I would kind of be lying. I really enjoy them, would I be devastated if we didn't have them sure. But I also know that I can enjoy getting and giving while loving the reason for the season. I am so glad that we have the joy of Christmas. Imagine how boring winter would be if there was no gift shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, or carol singing. I would imagine I would be so sad and bored. Jesus gives the whole season a reason. Sure you can give gifts, sing songs, and decorate, but it isn't half as fun if there is no rhyme or reason to your gift giving, song singing, or decorating. I also really enjoy the reading of the bible story, the contemplating I due daily during the season of Mary. (I just can't figure that one out. ) I also enjoy the few, okay, lots of weeks off.
But in the hustle and bustle I pray that I would not forget why I am here. Praise the Lord for the oppurtunity to live here and celebrate Christmas!

By the by do you like my new background??

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yeah!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! I so wish that it could just hurry up and be Thanksgiving! I love the holidays so much. I heard Christmas music playing in a couple of stores in the mall. I wanted to dance. And in Gymboree the little TV show was about Christmas. They wanted the kids to make themselves into a Christmas tree. I was very excited. And in Bath and Body Works they had brought out their fabulous Christmas scents!! I started listening to Christmas music a while ago, but I don't think I will ever get sick of it. I don't think ever before in my life I have gotten so excited about it. I think that the holiday it self is more exciting this year because I have no siblings coming to visit. That makes me sad, but I think that I try to allay my frustration about that by becoming excited about this.
I am taking a Calligraphy class at co-op this year, and I cannot wait to use my new skills for holiday decor, and the like. I have already begun practicing to write the place cards for Thanksgiving.
Another super duper exciting thing about this holiday season is the Nutcracker in Seattle. I can hardly wait to go with my friends. I think I am more excited about the Cheesecake Factory afterwards than the actual ballet.
Anyway, sorry to bore you with my random chatter. Today was a surprisingly good Friday. I hope everyone likes (and can read) my new background. VOTE!! The poll is on the right side of your screen. Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah For That Candy Holiday In October!!

I am so excited. I love my new background, aren't the ghosts too cute? I absolutley adored them. Plus there was no Halloween word actually used!! (Plus for TCBOTB!) I wanted one with monsters for my lovely playlist, but no one had any. By the way if you are looking for a new background, try Shabby,The Cutest Blog On The, or a new one I just found Hot Bliggety They had some adorable ones.
Anywho, I was very excited to find that it is only 7 days away. Although I do not go trick or treating, fratrinze with all the spooky mean scary stuff, I do quite enjoy this time of the year. Last year as you may recall, I was double bad, I used the words halloween and Hillary Clinton in the same post! I went to co-op dressed as Hillary Clinton. Yes it was quite a scary day! But I also had a oddle of fun with my friends later that night. So this year although I will not get to have fun with my friends, I will get to see them 2 days earlier in Bonney Lake. Maybe we can get in our fun then. But I certainly plan to eat lots of candy (Possibly a candy corn!), maybe even watch a horror movie, and all in all have fun with my sisters. I am not sure about dressing up, or even leaving the house, but still I think I will manage to have a fun Hall.. I mean candy holiday. Cannot wait to see fun pictures of small children in adorable costumes. HINT HINT (Aunt Dawn, Clare, Robyn, and Angelina!) Have a fun holiday! (By the way I don't believe in ghosts, but these were just adorable!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh My GA!!!

Tonight I went to my grandma's church. They are a huge church!! I was helping with the Ga's (Girls in Action) in first grade. What a bunch of crazies!! Those girls were so energetic it was like trying to corral and teach monkeys!! I greatly enjoyed it, but it was tiring. They were over there then, they were over here, or they we're chattering like a couple of squirrels. We first had big group time were we said a verse and the motto. Then it was off to our first game a gift exchange, they only problem the only exchanging was between us and them. We provided all the gifts and once you opened it you kept it! Then off to a time of learning about missionaries in Anchorage, Alaska and a review of some from Budapest, Hungary. Then it was time to make salvation bracelets to hand out next week at the park with a little goody bag. "What do I put on first??" "Will you tie mine?" "Teacher! I can't tie!" "Teacher can you help me?" "Why do I have to put gold on first? I wanted to put red on first!" "Can I tie my own?" "Can I give this to my friend Natalie??" "Teacher!!!! She pulled my hair!" My head is still kind of spinning. The wonderful shouts of the girls was intresting but at the same time confusing. Thankfully I wasn't the only one, my grandma and another adult were in the room. But I tied quite a few knots, told a few girls to calm down more than once, and made 6 trips to the bathroom down the hall. Overall I enjoyed my time with the little girls, I am jealous that they get to go to Ga's what a fun time that is!! Maybe when I am big I will be a Ga leader? Who knows???

Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Continue The Am I The Only One

So now in tradition of my aunt and mom I shall share some of my own little freaky quirks. 
Am I the only one who...
  1. Doesn't drink milk with their cereal! It already has milk in it duh! 
  2. Won't read sad books?? I refuse to read sad books, if someone dies, or if something bad happens I refuse to even consider reading it. That is why at age 13 I seldom read an adult book. 
  3. Can't stand cleaning her room, I would much rather wait until it becomes a health code violation to clean it. I don't mind picking up, but vacuuming and dusting YUK!! 
  4.  Would rather die than actually have to open up their science book? 
  5. Thinks that talking on the phone should be a sport?? Yes I talk on the phone all the time!! And if I am not talking on the phone I am e-mailing! BAAA-D habit! But thankfully my friends love me anyway! 
Have fun with this!! 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready? Set? SCHOOL!!

Okay, that fabulous time of year has arrived. That time when things go back to normal, and a pace you know and enjoy. September!! This is one of 4 months in my life when things aren't so crazy. School has it's schedule, church has another, plus co-op. So as summer slows down, I realize how much I love to get back into the regular routine. The routine of math, English, history, social studies, science (yuk!), and reading! I love summer, and all the excitement, and enjoyment it brings to me. But I also must admit to loving school, fall, that candy holiday in October, and most of all THANKSGIVING!!  When I ponder how much I have done during the summer, I begin to be glad that I'll have more time to blog, hurry my book along, and stare out the window at the falling leaves. How much time I will have to do that is yet to be discovered, but it will be more than in summer, that is for sure. Sure I'll miss running from city to city, relative to relative, and fun thing to fun thing. But I won't miss never being at home, and not being able to chill with my notebook and pen. So as fall breeches my senses, and summer fades to my memory, I will stay excited for what mission and plan the Lord has for my life. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SO HOT!!!!!!

So today I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my mom, and we looked at the thermometer. It read 115 degrees at 7:15 at night. We've hit the charts harder than Arizona!  We are in a hottest places around the country zone. I think that currently we are competing with Iraq in the way of heat. Since we don't have air conditioning it has been so hot!! I can't even believe it. I just want to curl up and sleep for 10 hours but it to hot to do even that!! 
My birthday is in 2 days!!! YEAH! I can't wait I will finally be able to ride in the front seat!! Yipee for me!! I am kind of enjoying the weather though, it reminds me of Texas. Where I love!! (I am jealous of my grandparents!!!) I hope to cool off by taking a cold shower in about 10 minutes, but who knows?? Can't wait for Centrifuge next week!!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to Famous People

Today I was watching some stuff on Michael Jackson who has recently died. I thought to my little self, "Self how sad would it be to be a part of his family?" I thought about if I had been what a tragedy this would be. He had kids and wife, a mother and father, and a few siblings that will all be hurting terribly. Michael Jackson will be remember throughout the ages as a pretty cool singer. Someone who had a lot of influence on music and culture. I am not sure about Michael Jackson's walk with God. I am pretty certain that he wasn't a Christian, but if he was he turned away. I pray that the Lord could change the hearts of his family through this awful tragedy. I hope that they will be moved by this hurt in their lives.

I also was reading somethings about Billy Mays who also died as of late. He was a excellent salesmen and a pretty cool guy. I was talking to my sister and we both said what a tragedy this was. How awful it'll be to have no one to yell at me on commercial breaks!! But still the hurt in the lives of his family and friends must be terrible. His memory will live in many hearts. But just as I am not sure of Michael Jackson's decision in they way of God, I don't know about Billy Mays or his family. But I will be praying that through this their families will find our God.

There will be a lot of hurting in this current month and months to come. Please be praying for these families and friends.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Telling the World of Their Risen Savior

These past few weeks I have been reading the Left Behind series by Dr. Tim Lahaye, and Jerry B. Jenkins. The correlations to the book and our current world made me realize how close we are. 1 world government, talk about 1 world currency, and other things like Obama not allowing prayer in the White house. In the books their are things like 1 world currency, 1 world religion, and 1 world government. The things that I see going on in our world today make it seem like it is so much closer to what we all look forward to the Rapture of Christ's church. I cannot wait until that day when I am in Heaven with my Jesus.

But I mourn for those left behind, I realize that we need to get out and evangalize more than before. We need to get people to understand what is going to happen if they don't turn their lives over to God. I feel like I should be telling people of Jesus every where, with what I do, say, and the way that I live. It is us Christians responsiblity to show people the love of Christ. It is so important that they know what they are turning down when they refuse Christ. Everyone deserves a chance to know Jesus and to have a personal realtionship with the Creator. Jesus says that we need to be disicples, and that means telling everyone of the love of Jesus. We are all sinners saved by grace, extend that to someone else. Don't hide the greatest thing in the world, because you think others will make fun of you. Would you rather someone go to a pit of burning fire or you be laughed at?? We need to get out there and share even though some may scoff or laugh at you, you can be assured that you will have a jewel in your crown for sharing with them!! I want you to know that Jesus is the risen savior and that is the most important thing you can share with anyone.

We frequently see things like 'Help feed hungry kids in Africa' that is a wonderful thing, but are we only fulfilling their physical needs, we need to fill their spiritual needs. Jesus is the bread of life, and He will supply all their needs. So we can help, but let us help by giving them the Bread of Life, by giving them Jesus, by showing them that they can be filled!! My prayer is that we would not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, but that we would go and be missionaries, pastors, and most importantly sowers of the seeds of Jesus!! So contemplate as you go through your day how you can share with someone you know the gospel of Christ. Because that is the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself and them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Babysitting Rufus! My Water Balloon!

Yes you read the title right, I have been so bored lately I have taken to babysitting a balloon. This was my own idea. I found a green balloon sitting on the TV stand the other day, while trying to fix the cable box. I have played with this balloon for 3 days now and enjoyed the balloon immensely. I named the balloon Rufus. Rufus is a very bland sort of person he doesn't do much, and stays very cold. Even when you hold him for long periods of time!!! Rufus is shaped like a yam, which I think is quite hilarious, a green yam!!! Anyway, Rufus makes a great companion when reading a book or watching TV. Becuase by holding Rufus, I can keep myself from chewing my nails. When your watching or reading something suspenseful, that is very diffucult. Rufus helps a ton, I love my little Rufus. I feel very strange being 12 years old and writing about how I adopted a water balloon and named him. Rufus sleeps in the bathroom on a washcloth, because if he is on the counter he won't roll off, and if he sadly breaks then he won't make a mess! So Rufus is my new best bud, and I enjoy this silly little thing in my life.

Rufus though reminds me of how God takes care of us. Just like I take care of Rufus, God takes care of me. Although I am a person with feelings, thoughts, and needs. Rufus is a water balloon, he cannot think, talk, or even move. So though a poor analogy I think that it is important to see God in all things. I realize that Rufus is a balloon, I am a person, and God is God, we all have different was that we work and make things better. Rufus gives me enjoyment, I can share that enjoyment with others by filling other balloons and handing them out, and God can show me that this enjoyment came from Him, that He is the one who created balloons and water!

So there you go, a nice little post that is about Rufus my new friend. I throughly enjoy Rufus, because when I ask him questions he never gives me stupid advice!!! Oh and he is pretty low mataince! I hope you too can find some little thing in life to adopt and let bring you happiness!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 Things I Adore!

Alright, I felt compelled to follow in the footsteps of my aunt, sister Robyn , and sister Clare. So here is my handy dandy little list.
  1. I love Summer Time!!!!! (AHHH SUN!!)
  2. TEXAS!!!!!!!! I can't wait until I can live there. My mom was talking to Robyn who says that it was 90 degress the other day!!! How wonderful!!
  3. The smell of old books. I was packing some old medical texts of my dads, and they smelled so fun. Kind of musty, and dusty!
  4. Flip-flops!! I think I must have at least 20 pairs!! Even though I only get to wear them like 3 weeks out of the year. (Well, if I wear them when most normal people do. I don't!!)
  5. Exclamation points!! Who needs periods??? Just write like you are talking with a reason or possibly yelling?!??!
  6. Hold My Heart by 10Th Avenue North. It is a song, and I love it!!!
  7. Target!! My favorite store in the whole world!!
  8. E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I would do without it, I never have to call anyone unless I want to!!!!!
  9. 18 Kids and Counting! Such a wonderful show, I could never be like them!!!
  10. Checking the Mail! Don't ask me why, but I do this everyday, and love it!!

Okay random list. I am probably so weird!! But I know everyone loves me anyway!!:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You Robyn!!!

Today I talk to my fantastic sister Robyn!! (All I want out of life is to be just like her!!!) I was a little upset because of my size, I am 5 ft. and 105 pounds. My dear sister Katy is 5.5 and is 101 pounds! She can wear a size 0 I cannot, I tried a skirt of hers on and could barely breathe!! Plus being an emotional eater, having a bad week, and Easter candy sitting on a kitchen counter don't mix!!! So I knew that me and Robyn have the same body shape so I figured that she would be the best person in the world for advice on being upset about sizes and shapes. When your 12 looks and size matter, they shouldn't, but they do! When all your friends are stick thin and little tiny and make you feel fat, it is hard. But having a sister who reminds you that it'll get better and that some boys like girls who aren't stick thin makes all those dumb thoughts seem, well, dumb! She also reminded me that God made me perfect and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I love my sister Robyn. Today has been a great day! Thanks Robyn! (Now all I have to do is convince my dad to let me get a cat! Pretty sure that won't go over well, But I can try!)

P.S. Clare I promise that I will have a post about you sometime!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few New Things!

So sorry about the month of no posts!!! I don't really have anything exciting or new to post about. My current life is boring, and uneventful! A few intresting/fun things have happened lately.

  • I got to spend the night with my friends Angelina and Alyssa.
  • I am going to be in a play called a Hairy Tale.
  • My few surviving tulips have blossomed!
  • The weather has been beautiful!!! (80 degrees yesterday!!!!)
  • I have stayed on track with my math!!!! (Yeah for me!!)
  • I got a new Bible. I am happy because this one is much smaller than the one I had before!
  • I got a ton of new clothes for Easter, and because a lot of cute things have gone on sale!

That's it for my uneventful, very boring, so non fun, and really unintresting post! Thanks for reading, all my wonderful friends and family.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Starving to Learn

Last Friday and Saturday I spent 30 hours without food! I had been going around for 2 or 3 weeks asking everyone and their pet rat for money!! I did this to feed kids and their families in China, India, Africa, and South America. I spent the night at the church with 15 others who participated, and we learned about what we can do to help those kids get fed. I was in the Ecauador tribe with 3 others from my church. We played a lot of fun games and learned lots of new things. I realized how much God has blessed America. Do we really ever sit down and reflect on what we have. So many times a day we look around and think, whoa they have a really sweet car they must be rich! Wow she is carrying a Donney and Burk she must have money! But we never realize that since we have a bed to sleep in, a car to drive, food and CLEAN WATER! that we are truly blessed. We watched a show called Rich out of a series called Nooma. It was amazing to learn the statics of how many people don't have a car, how many people don't have homes, how many people don't have clean water whenever they want it. I finally realized (while the hunger pains started to naw) how much I complain and whine about what I do and don't have. How so many times a day, I take things for granted. I really just needed that small 30 hours to find out what I really am blessed with. I don't ever think about how many people don't get up at 7:30 am on Sunday morning to go to church, because they can't, and I complain most of the time about how early I get up, about how I am so tired and wish I could sleep late instead of going to church. I realize that what God gave to me is a blessing. My clothes are a blessing, my food is a blessing, my water a blessing (most of the time I complain about having to drink water!), my house blessing, my church blessing, and even my breath is a blessing!! I have heard the song Count Your Blessings so many times, but have I ever took the time to realize the blessing that I truly have, have I ever heeded the words?
Count your blessings, name the one by one, count your blessings see what God has done! What little words that so often I forget, when I have a bad day, when I see someone with more than me, when I have to drink water and not soda, do I ever stop to realize that someone out there has so much less?? I guess that what I am trying to say is that I realized that God gives me blessings and that I need to take them into account and thank Him for them!
I earned 825 dollars for the 30 Hour Famine. I am able to feed 2 kids for more than a year!! $1 can feed a child for a day. If you would like to figure out more about this or donate to it just go to I really appreciate all that everyone donated. Because I know that 2 kids will get to see another year of their life. This was such an amazing oppurtunity for me to realize that so little can do so much!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gardening is Fun!!

I love gardening. I am not really sure why, because I am not one for outside or getting messy. But last year I grew tomatoes, they were really fun. We got to eat a few. This year I am growing tulips and some other really pretty flower. I think that it is all such great fun, I loved planting them. Sadly though some of the tulips were rotten. I think that watering them is my favorite part. I think it is so fun to watch as they drink up all the water that you give to them. I decided to make bees my background because they will definitely help to pollinate my flowers. I really like gardening because you can see the fruit of your work when fall comes along. You can see them growing during spring and summer, but you don't get to see the actual product until fall comes. I am excited to do flowers this time though because they will bloom and grow much faster than any veggies or fruits do. I am really excited about our new big yard, my mom says that I can have a much bigger garden than the little tiny bucket on the back porch which is currently my garden. When I planted the flowers we didn't have quite enough soil so I had to press them in really far, it was fun though beacuse I watered them before I realized this so I got to play in the mud!!! Which is kind of little boyish, but I liked it. I can't wait to see if anything will come of my hard work and toil.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Angry Kelly is very angry. Today I got assigned the hateful task of matching up socks that previous laundry persons have failed to match!! Yeah, not fun!! We have a basket and when you fold a basket of laundry you almost always come across those terrible socks that have no mate. You then place them in the sock basket and continue putting away the rest of the laundry in the basket. You never realize that by doing such an easy thing you are creating a 20 to hour project for some other unspecting undeserving soul to have to attend to. You sit on the living room floor and dump out the basket. You may immediately notice 3 or 4 pairs that are easy to match. You being searching through the 2 foot high pile for other matches. You have many ways to make doing this slightly hateful task more enjoyable.

  1. You can play sock basket go fish if you have another person willing to help you. Essentially you just play the card game go fish with socks instead of cards.
  2. You can sort all the socks in to piles such as plain white, colored, brown, dark, and other types.
  3. You can simply pick out 3 or 4 socks and search for their mate until you find it or your eyes begin to blister from searching.

So that is my terrible saga about how much I hate searching through mismatched socks!!! (Now maybe you too can have a more enjoyable time of doing this terrible task!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I WON!!!! I can't believe it, I took 3rd in the prelims!! But I told myself and team that we were going to take home nothing less than the 1st place trophy!! We managed to cream in the finals. A really great team took home 1st in the prelim, and I was sure that they were going to win in finals. But no they actually did a good job in finals, just not quite good enough. (No bragging meant!) I was nervous, all of our Journey teams were watching, we were up against 5 other of the best teams in the state. We got over 17o points!! My team consited of my friends Emily, Mary, and Alec. We have a 12 chapter book, that we have to memorize all of. Emily had 1.1-1.3, Mary had 1.4-1.6, I had 1.7-1.8, and Alec had 1.10-1.12. We all knew our stuff, Mary knew almost everyones verses, plus her own. I knew most of the word definitions, and Emily did refrences. When we all worked together, we did great. I think that if it weren't for all the pushing our wonderful coaches did, we would never had done so good. I also had the encouragement of my great friends Alyssa and Angelina. My realitives also did a wonderful job of cheering me on. Our great coaches were My mom, Mr. Brad our Trek director, and Ms. Liz a great lady who also works in Trek. I answered 2 in a row and then forgot, and one of the rules is that you cannot answer 3 in a row. So I got one of my questions incorrect because I had answered to many. So then our wonderful mic guy would remind us of who could go and who couldn't!! We all thanked him afterwards. It was so great to work so hard and get a reward, but I can't wait even more for our rewards in Heaven for putting so much effort into memorizing the words of our LORD. I am so happy with my team and myself. I am so HAPPY!!! Sometime I will have to get a picture of my teams trophy! I am so HAPPY!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Continuing with "C"

As you have most likely read in my sister and aunt's blog that they are doing the things that they are thankful for in the alphabet.

1. Christ!-He is the one that keeps me from going crazy on days. Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out, and I don't even have kids yet!!!

2. Carbohydrates-I know that one was kinda weird, but I can't find any other way to make food into a "C" word! I LOVE food!!!

3. Children-As in babies, I am still a kid after all. I love little kids. I got to help out one Sunday with the 3 year old class, I loved it!

4. Carson's- As in my baby Carson. I have pictures of him on my phone and love him to death!!!

5. Colorado- I love their beautiful mountains!!! And my best friend lives there, So does my baby Carson!!!

That is my fun little lists. I really would love if someone would do "D" cause then it could be like a whole chain!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


 I am not really bugged so much that we are going somewhere new. But I don't want to have to go through all the hoopla that pertains to moving!!! I can't stand selling the house, I don't mind anything as much as this!! I also can't stand FOLDING PAPER!! That drives me nutty!!! I folded so much paper when we moved to Seattle that I told myself, my family, and pretty much anyone who would listen, that I was never again folding stupid paper!!! Well I guess that I have to break my vow to that. I just simply don't appreciate moving. I mean I don't mind a new home or making great new friends. But I do mind all the junk that goes with it, packing, unpacking, and placing everything where it belongs. I currently (If we get the house we want) have a room with school buses on the walls. Yes, you heard right, SCHOOL BUSES!!! What was my room a school room??? Yeah definitely getting it repainted!!!! So that is my happy-go-lucky moving post!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Scrapbooking is Fun!!!

Today was the first day of Co-Op in Spring. I really like my classes. I am taking a scrapbooking and card making class. I really enjoyed it. I have made a scrapbook page for Carson my nephew. I am so excited to put pictures on it, and next week I plan on making one for Gillyan. I am really excited about my new found enjoyment!!! I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends, and making some cute things. I can't wait to finish this and post it on my blog!!! I really want to show everyone my creations. I am so glad that I have something fun to show on my blog!! So keep watching and I will sometime soon have a cute scrapbooking page for you to see. I have been wanting to start scrapbooking for a long time, but I never had the time or supplies for it. Now I have a hour a week to devote souly to what I really enjoy!! Can't wait to show you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yeah Valentines Day!!!

I really like Valentines Day. I don't really like conversation hearts, but that background was to cute to pass up!!! Anyway I do love Valentines, I love recieving them and giving them. I really like reading the fun ones my friends give me. I love how you can but whole bags of pink and red Laffy Taffys, which are my favorite candy!!! (Besides truffles!) At Co-op we have an really fun contest to see who can come up with the most creative "mailbox". Last year we had a whitehouse, a big fishermans boot, and some other pretty outragous things. This year though I am Bible Quizzing on Valentines Day. That made me sad:( I wish that I didn't have to, but I do love it! So that is my fun Valentines day post. Even though it isn't Valentines.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jigedy Jig

Once again I am back in Washington. Colorado was a lot of fun, but of course home is best. I would like everyone else blog about the Inguration or something fun. But if I blogged about the inguration I would scream, shout, swear, and be completly evil and nasty!! So I shall refrain from doing so. I have some new fun things to talk about.
  • I am starting Ice Skating in February
  • Acts is restarting
  • Awana Bible Quizzing is coming up soon!

So those are my fun things I got to come home to. My friends have all been very excited that I am home. My mom was super sweet, she said that she had a doctors appiontment while I was gone and she cried because I couldn't go with her. (I ALWAYS go to the doc with my mom.) Thats my fun post.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun with Clare and Josie

This week I've mostly been with Clare. We have done a lot of fun things. We rented some fun movies, went to the yummiest places to eat, and gotten some great deals at Khols, Target, and Old Navy! Tonight we went to Awana at the Chapel which was a lot of fun. Josie loves Puggles, she is so cute when she tells you about Puggles. We rented Meet the Robinsons which was a lot of fun. Panera Bakery is wonderful and has the best soups and I loved Noodles and Company was delicous!! I got the cutest shirts at Old Navy, McKenzie and I got the cutest matching shirts from there. I have really enjoyed my visit here, I've had a lot of fun here. Josie and I had fun playing with her dollhouse earlier today. Carson loves to be tickeled and I love to tickle him all the time. We have tons of fun chilling of the couch after getting ready to go places while Clare and Josie are still getting ready to go. I watch TLC and he goes to sleep. So I have had fun with Clare and Josie.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've finally reached Colorado, I was amazed at how different it is from my home!
The Rockies are breathtaking, they reminded me of how God is so huge He is bigger than even these beautiful mountains. I am so glad to finally be with my best friend McKenzie. We have had a lot of fun together. Today we made cards for a woman who has cancer at McKenzie's church. McKenzie is very close to her. It was a lot of fun, especially since we knew that is would make someone feel better in their heart even though it might not heal their sickness. We are having a splendid time together. On the first day I hugged her and said "It's so nice to hug you since I can't over the phone!" We have mostly talked over the phone and via email. It was fun to see how much the people here have changed since I was here last 2 years ago! I liked seeing some of the people I remembered from so many years ago. It has always amazed me at the way so many of the elderly people remembered me, but I had absolutely no idea who they were!!! Many of them reminded me of how they remembered me when i just "this big!" Making a motion with their hand to their knee indicating my height from many years back. That was fun. I am so excited to be back. I made many fun memories here, but remembering them is the most fun! I am so glad to be back in Colorado!!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am so excited to see what God has in store for my life this new year!!! I can't wait to expirence new things and continue to grow in my walk with God. There are so many things happing in 2009! People always say that at the begining of the year they make a resolution or promise of something they would like to accomplish in the new year. My resolution this year was to not only grow in my walk with God, but encourage my friends to grow in their walks by being an example. I have prayed that God would help me as I set out on this journey, and that He would give me times when I can challenge what I have resolved to do. This I feel is a year when I can change some of things that I do and help myself become something more than what I am right now. Many people make there resolutions but give up before February! I pray that I will not quit but persever in what I have set out to do. I am praying also for you that you would accomplish what you have set out to do in this new year. That 2009 would be a time of change for all of us, that we may all grow in our walks with the Father , and that we may become not only better Christians but also encourage our fellow Christians to also become stronger! Thats my new years revolution!!!