Saturday, February 14, 2009


I WON!!!! I can't believe it, I took 3rd in the prelims!! But I told myself and team that we were going to take home nothing less than the 1st place trophy!! We managed to cream in the finals. A really great team took home 1st in the prelim, and I was sure that they were going to win in finals. But no they actually did a good job in finals, just not quite good enough. (No bragging meant!) I was nervous, all of our Journey teams were watching, we were up against 5 other of the best teams in the state. We got over 17o points!! My team consited of my friends Emily, Mary, and Alec. We have a 12 chapter book, that we have to memorize all of. Emily had 1.1-1.3, Mary had 1.4-1.6, I had 1.7-1.8, and Alec had 1.10-1.12. We all knew our stuff, Mary knew almost everyones verses, plus her own. I knew most of the word definitions, and Emily did refrences. When we all worked together, we did great. I think that if it weren't for all the pushing our wonderful coaches did, we would never had done so good. I also had the encouragement of my great friends Alyssa and Angelina. My realitives also did a wonderful job of cheering me on. Our great coaches were My mom, Mr. Brad our Trek director, and Ms. Liz a great lady who also works in Trek. I answered 2 in a row and then forgot, and one of the rules is that you cannot answer 3 in a row. So I got one of my questions incorrect because I had answered to many. So then our wonderful mic guy would remind us of who could go and who couldn't!! We all thanked him afterwards. It was so great to work so hard and get a reward, but I can't wait even more for our rewards in Heaven for putting so much effort into memorizing the words of our LORD. I am so happy with my team and myself. I am so HAPPY!!! Sometime I will have to get a picture of my teams trophy! I am so HAPPY!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Continuing with "C"

As you have most likely read in my sister and aunt's blog that they are doing the things that they are thankful for in the alphabet.

1. Christ!-He is the one that keeps me from going crazy on days. Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out, and I don't even have kids yet!!!

2. Carbohydrates-I know that one was kinda weird, but I can't find any other way to make food into a "C" word! I LOVE food!!!

3. Children-As in babies, I am still a kid after all. I love little kids. I got to help out one Sunday with the 3 year old class, I loved it!

4. Carson's- As in my baby Carson. I have pictures of him on my phone and love him to death!!!

5. Colorado- I love their beautiful mountains!!! And my best friend lives there, So does my baby Carson!!!

That is my fun little lists. I really would love if someone would do "D" cause then it could be like a whole chain!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


 I am not really bugged so much that we are going somewhere new. But I don't want to have to go through all the hoopla that pertains to moving!!! I can't stand selling the house, I don't mind anything as much as this!! I also can't stand FOLDING PAPER!! That drives me nutty!!! I folded so much paper when we moved to Seattle that I told myself, my family, and pretty much anyone who would listen, that I was never again folding stupid paper!!! Well I guess that I have to break my vow to that. I just simply don't appreciate moving. I mean I don't mind a new home or making great new friends. But I do mind all the junk that goes with it, packing, unpacking, and placing everything where it belongs. I currently (If we get the house we want) have a room with school buses on the walls. Yes, you heard right, SCHOOL BUSES!!! What was my room a school room??? Yeah definitely getting it repainted!!!! So that is my happy-go-lucky moving post!!!