Thursday, October 30, 2008


Have you ever been really excited about anything? Well right now I am, because Halloween is tomorrow. I am going to dress up tomorrow morning as Hillary Clinton for our homeschool group. Then that night I am working at our church fall festival which we hold at our mall. I am working with my two good friends Emily and Angelina. We are running a booth called the lollipop toss. Little kids throw three rings at a cork board full of lollipops. If they ring one they get it, but if not we just hand them one. It is pretty easy to do. I decided that since no one else was dressing up I will just go as Kelly. Then after that my friend Angelina is sleeping over. It will be a super fun night. I can't wait to eat my brothers candy too! (They will let me have some.)
Trick-or-Treat (which I have never done.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I haven't really written anything about my family in my blog. I really enjoy my family they are always making me smile. What I want to tell you about is the wonderfulness of my family.

My Dad- Is a really smart person with a doctorate. He is a very take charge person who is throughly involed in things at church. People think that he is very good at what he does, he was one time he was even not given a job because he was "over qualified." This immensley amused me.

My Mom- Is the person who keeps our family in stitches. She is always off doing something for someone. She is always on the go, but is never to busy to discuss and important matter with us.

My sister Robyn- Is the person who most people say I look the most like in my family. She is the person I want to be when I am big, because she holds both my parents greatest qualities. Robyn is married and has 2 kids.

My Sister Clare- Is one of the smartest people I know. I want that quality of her. She is also a good people person. Is also married with 2 kids.

My Brother Clark- Is a little on the wild side. He is sweet and loving even so. He has a fun sense of humor. Is a cell phone salesmen.

My Sister Katy- Is also very knowledgeable. She is very thoughful and funny. Katy is currently a running start student.

My Sister Lisa Dawn- Is the "mean one" supposedly, but really she is sweet and fun. A wonderful person to be around.

My Brother Luke- Is the best to make fun of, because he is younger. But he is also really nice and cool.

My Brother Mark- Is the ruler of our household. He is immensely cute. Who will be the youngest dictator. (Just joking!)

All in all that is 8 kids all biological. I love my family so much! I am right in between Lisa Dawn and Luke. It is really fun to be in a big family. All of my family has the best of qualities. I want to be like them all when I am "big." My family is a group of very cool people. We are all home schooled and how my mom finds time to do this I don't know!?!?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

6 Things

Alright I couldn't help reading my Aunts cool list I had to do it. Although I did just post 17 minutes ago.

1.) Weird thing- I have broken my head 4 times and my wrist once. I know it is totally weird.
I also have had scissors puncture my head.

2.) Fun thing- I love a sappy romance novel! I don't know why, but I love that it is always a happy well sappy ending.

3.) Sweet thing- I love giving someone who is sad a hug or a sweet smile to cheer them up.
(Like Clare's change purse episode.)

4.) Interesting thing- My aunt burned my ear one time when she was curling my hair. For the longest time I wouldn't forgive her for burning my ear. I finally did like 3 years ago!

5.) Family thing- I love just sitting and listening to my sisters and parents have a discussion about things. I really love learning about new stuff.

6.) Musical thing- I love listening to music, but took piano for a year. I absolutely hated it! I can't stand practicing anything because I am a procrastinator.

There is my fun little list of new things about me. I hope that you too will have fun writing a list of 6 things. Tag your it to write your 6 things.

Funny Friends

I LOVE my friends! They keep me in check when I am just going crazy. I talked to my one of my best friends yesterday for like 2 hours we just have so much in common! My mom took me and my friend Alyssa to a corn maze today and we had so much fun! Yester day I found out I had prably not gotten a part in a really important play to me. I called up my best friend and she totally consoled me a way no one else could. All my friends have totally different personalties.
Alyssa- Is totally a take charge kinda person so some times we clash.
Angelina- Is sweet and always composed I love how she can make me see things in such a wonderful way.
Kenz-Is always there when I need her most just to talk to and laugh with.
Coralyn- Shows me what is like to almost be like an only child. She also makes me laugh.
Emily- Is like my friend that I really only chat with at church. So we are church friends.
So I have all different types of friends, some love leading and some want to follow. I adore all my friends and the way that they make me feel. Un-like my sisters I don't have what they call a "bestie" that is a sister who is like really close to your age. So I have to reli on my friends to be my "besties" which I am okay with! I love how all my friends are so different and funny in such wonderful ways. So if you can't tell I am sorry, but I love my friends!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Is happy-ness a word?
I finally got on the good side with the teacher that I talked about in the latter post. I haven't written for so long because I got in trouble like any 12 year old girl does so I couldn't blog. So I am happy about those two things and I got to see a friend who moved a couple of weeks ago and I didn't get to say bye to. Another happy thing. My mom said that on Haloween I could have a few friends over becuase we don't get to go to a youth overnighter at church. (So she is letting me have it to drown my sorrows.) I have been doing really good on keeping up with my school work (Well Math at least!) which means at the end of every month I get math allowance. Which is getting paid to keep up with you math. I also am happy because the tomatoes I grew are turning red!!!! (In October which is totally weird!) I got to spend a lot of time with my Grandma which was totally fun! I got to see my Aunt Rachel Dawn and Uncle Cory and their kids earlier this month which was fun. My nieces and nephews are coming in November. I might get to see my best friend soon! So I am totally happy right now!! I wrote this blog because I have been writing some really not happy ones. Another happy thing is that I have been doing great in all my co-op classes. I am really Happy!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have to write a report! You are proably thinking that this will be no big feat for the girl who writes so much in her blog! But the funny well more like frustrating thing is that it is for a teacher who really is not to fond of me. So I feel as if anything I write for her she won't like. So it is really hard to write something that she will like about my rabbit who died in July so I am totally working off memory. And I have to admit I didn't spend barely anytime with Fluffy. So I am totally frustrated because I wrote a report for her and she gave back and pretty much said that it was bad! So I am debating should I fix the one she hated or just write a whole new one? If you have any ideas please make them a comment! Thanks!

P.S. What do you think of my smiley of the moment?

Monday, October 6, 2008


No when I say change I don't mean money, nor am I talking about Barack Obama! I admit I get bored easily so you will see that I frequently change my blog background, where everything is, and my poll. So don't worry your computer hasn't gone funky. I just got bored of what my blog looked like. Oh and on the poll you can put more than one awnser like if you like it in a can with a straw mark in a can and with a straw by checking both boxes! Fun right?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morining Funkies

Okay so today I went to my grandmas church. I used to go to my grandma's church all the time when I was little because I lived with her. So I made some really good friends, so going back is always, well, funky. I have a great friend De she was of course there this morning. Her and my friend Mye gave me, okay maybe not, a warm welcome, but a funky one. De was laughing hysterically and would not stop, and Mye was telling me that I was no longer the boss. I then gave her a spill about how I had always been the boss, but that's another blog. Anyway it ended up an okay morning. But my friends went a little wacko while I've been away. So normally my friends just stand around and talk, but these aren't my normal friends! Well I don't see them normally. Seeing as I live in Crazytown and they live in Funkytown. So I am standing with my sisters and they are off somewhere plotting to come up behind me and poke the crud out of me. So I don't even notice until they come up behind me and start poking me. So I poke them back, But I poke harder. So Mye says "Gee there is a whole lotta mean in such a little person." I know I respond. See I am a little person being 5 ft. and my friend Mye is about 5.5 and De is 5.3! So see do you and your friends plot to go and poke your other friend? Nah but your friends don't live in Funkytown. So my friends are pretty funky if you can't see. So if you have a friend who is even funky-er than mine please comment. Keck

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay so yes I am 12. That does not mean that I have no idea what the presidential race is! If I was allowed to vote I would vote for McCain. But since I am not I am good with just watching the debates, talks, and talk host chat about the coming election. Most of my friends think that I am physcotic, but I just love politics! My aspiration for when I get older is to be a Sarah Palin! No she was not a lawyer. But that would just be one thing that would be different. I love chatting with people about politics. I more than likely know more about the election than some adults! It saddens me that more kids don't get involved with politics. I think that Sarah Palin would make a wonderful vice president. She is so down to earth. She is so much like normal people. My friends and I like to talk about their kids. My friend Kenz says that she would not like having a governor for a mother . I then gave her my lawyer talk she changed views quick. That's why I want to be a lawyer because I can change peoples views. I just love politics and when I am done being a lawyer I want to be a politician. If there is one thing I love it is a good debate. I love to debate with people about politics and anything that they are willing to debate about. I really am not sure why. I know that most 12 year old girls don't like politics and stuff like this, but I am not a normal 12 year old girl!