Saturday, November 29, 2008

My scattergories Anwsers

What's your name…Kelly
A four letter word…Kind
A boy's name…Kyle
A girl's name…Kasey
An occupation…A Kindergarten teacher
A color…Kelly Green
Something you wear…Knickers
A beverage…Kronemberg (That is a alcoholic beverage I found it by looking on
A food…Kiwi
Something found in a bathroom…Kleenex
A place…Kanasas
A reason to be late…Killer headache

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny, Silly, Gilly, Josie, Keckie, Night

Tonight my niece asked me if I wanted to play "dolls" American Girl Dolls. I told her that I would. I searched out my old American Girl dolls and began to playing with her. Then my other niece Josie came down and asked to have a big doll. I told her that she could play with Molly while I read a Kit book. Kit is a 1930's era doll. Gillyan finished playing with the dolls she climbed up into my lap. Josie decided she to was done and climbed up onto the couch with us. We all started laughing and Josie kept kicking us, and it was funny! So we continued to read when Josie and Gillyan started laughing. (I am still not sure what about.) Everything then became funny and we started laughing and rolling on the floor. Everyone giggled and howled with laughter. When we finally finished Josie then did something funny sending us all into one more fit of laughter. Then Josie started kicking again so I tickled her. Then Gillyan did to, so I tickled her also, sending us into one more laughing fit. So at the end of the night we all had had a magnificant time. And it made me appreciate my family more than anything. It was a great way to start off my Thanksgiving week! Remember that even the most regular things can make you more thankful.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do I have to?

Today some people at church were having a wedding shower. My mom asked if I wanted to go?
First I thought of blurting out "NO!", But then I thought better. "Do I have to?" I asked in a way that you could tell I didn't want to. I of course didn't go, but I thought about how many times we ask God "Do I have to?". So many people are asked to do amazing things by for God, But they think of blurting out "NO!" and then they ask "Do I have to?". So many times God says "No you don't have to, but I want you to." We are so selfish some times with our talents. Instead of honoring God by say "Sure it might be fun." We say "Do I have to?" Because we don't think about how we could get such blessing out of just say "okay!" instead of telling God no. You don't have to be happy about something you don't want to do you just have to try. So next time instead of say "Do I have to?" try "I give it a try." You'll recieve such blessing from God for doing so.

P.S. I can't wait for Christmas! Can you tell by my new background!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Today when I decided to blog I thought about how no one ever writes anything that really tells you much about them. So today I am.
My Name-My true name is Kelly not Keck (Duh!)
My favorite color-Orange
My favorite artist (Music)- TobyMac or Matt Theissen (Relient K)
My favorite Book- Anything Nancy Drew
My favorite Movies-National Treasure 1 and 2
My favorite store- Target
My favorite School Subject- English or History
My Least favorite- MATH!!!!! (I can't stand it!)
My favorite Food- Mexican Skillet (Rice and Chicken)

So those are a few of my favorite things. (And one least favorite.) So I hope this gives you the idea of what I am really like. Somebody should try it!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Daily people go through the acts of life, never thinking about the blessing that the Lord has given us. Lately I have really be thinking about other countries who have so much less than I. I keep thinking "Lord what can I do?" I feel usless. People are always talking about how they've been in some other country helping out. But what about our country? We are blessed because we don't have to have other countries coming in to help us. But even so many of us forget that just because it makes us feel better about of oursleves to go to another country we still need to focus on our own country. America has money, troops, resources, and FREEDOM! So people forget that we need to help oursleves by Christians stepping out their front doors and talking! We wouldn't have the president that we do right now if Christians had done what they were supposed to do. But we didn't, we hid thinking that we were to little without enough people to get the candidate in that we wanted. So if you are Christian get out and talk. Christian means Christ like, Chirst didn't hide behind His mom and dad because he was scared that the big bad government was gonna come get Him. Christ went out even when He was little out to share the words of His Father. So as Christians we need to be Christ like and get out there and share our belifs!!!! GET OUT THERE AND SHARE!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is it the Writer that count or what's Written?

Today I read a beatiful post by my best friends sister. I was amazed at the wonderful way she wrote. I never gave it much thought, but do we think more of something written because we know the writer. I always think that things are so much more beatiful when I have a personal realtionship with the person who has written it. I think that is why people who are Christians love the Bible so much. Becuase if you are a Christian you have a personal relationship with God who is the one who wrote the Bible. You might say, but Job wrote the book of Job. Yea he did, but God gave him the right words to put into the book. I believe that if we pay more attention to the writings than to the writer we don't really love something as much. Just ike I love Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because they are all about Jesus and they are by someone who a had a close relationship with Him. I love Jesus so being able to read a book all about Him, by someone who spent their every waking moment with Him makes the book so much more special! So I hope that the next time you read something you think about the person who took time to write it before you begin criticing it and pouring over the mistakes!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

High School Musical 3

I admit I got pulled into the High School Musical lovers club. I went and saw it today and thought that it was good. I had watched the first two the night before. I had always laughed at how my friends were always saying how much they liked them and how good they were. Not to mention how cute Troy Bolten is AKA Zac Effron. (I personally like Chad better.) If you haven't seen the movies you wouldn't understand. I would suggest that you go see it, but if you don't like musicals don't! I love the movie called 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. It is really old, But sometimes oldies are goodies. It's a great musical with lots of funny scenes. My sister Lisa Dawn hooked me on that one. So all in all the movies that I continally made fun of are now some of my favorites.

P.S. Must make disclaimer about the Family post. I apologize to my Aunt for forgetting her. She is one of my favorite realitives.