Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Busy! :)

So you may be thinking "Kelly you're crazy! You were busy the whole summer... What does that title even mean??" Allow me to explain. This is what normal week looks like for me during the school year.

Sunday- Church in the morning, lunch with family in the afternoon, LIT at Awana in the evening, and homework at home at night.

Monday- More homework :) Yay me!, cleaning house, and getting ready to attend Awana that night.

Tuesday- Homework, chores, babysitting, just depends lol Tuesdays are designated days for me to do whatever mom needs.

Wednesday- Finishing homework to get ready to turn in, chores, and church in the evenings.

Thursday- This is my crazy day :) It includes waking up at 5:50 (Gag me with a spoon! :P ), going to school from 8AM-3PM, and then running around with my mom after being picked up from school.

Friday- This is my relaxing morning before doing homework in the afternoons.

And Finally Saturday- This day involves homework and whatever my mom needs me to be doing.

So if you thought summer was crazy, meet September-May lol It's fun though, I'm glad to be back to having a "Schedule" (That's funny because everything is subject to change at my house lol) Hopefully I'll be able to keep you more in the loop throughout the school year :)
Kelly :)