Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah For That Candy Holiday In October!!

I am so excited. I love my new background, aren't the ghosts too cute? I absolutley adored them. Plus there was no Halloween word actually used!! (Plus for TCBOTB!) I wanted one with monsters for my lovely playlist, but no one had any. By the way if you are looking for a new background, try Shabby,The Cutest Blog On The, or a new one I just found Hot Bliggety They had some adorable ones.
Anywho, I was very excited to find that it is only 7 days away. Although I do not go trick or treating, fratrinze with all the spooky mean scary stuff, I do quite enjoy this time of the year. Last year as you may recall, I was double bad, I used the words halloween and Hillary Clinton in the same post! I went to co-op dressed as Hillary Clinton. Yes it was quite a scary day! But I also had a oddle of fun with my friends later that night. So this year although I will not get to have fun with my friends, I will get to see them 2 days earlier in Bonney Lake. Maybe we can get in our fun then. But I certainly plan to eat lots of candy (Possibly a candy corn!), maybe even watch a horror movie, and all in all have fun with my sisters. I am not sure about dressing up, or even leaving the house, but still I think I will manage to have a fun Hall.. I mean candy holiday. Cannot wait to see fun pictures of small children in adorable costumes. HINT HINT (Aunt Dawn, Clare, Robyn, and Angelina!) Have a fun holiday! (By the way I don't believe in ghosts, but these were just adorable!)