Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh My GA!!!

Tonight I went to my grandma's church. They are a huge church!! I was helping with the Ga's (Girls in Action) in first grade. What a bunch of crazies!! Those girls were so energetic it was like trying to corral and teach monkeys!! I greatly enjoyed it, but it was tiring. They were over there then, they were over here, or they we're chattering like a couple of squirrels. We first had big group time were we said a verse and the motto. Then it was off to our first game a gift exchange, they only problem the only exchanging was between us and them. We provided all the gifts and once you opened it you kept it! Then off to a time of learning about missionaries in Anchorage, Alaska and a review of some from Budapest, Hungary. Then it was time to make salvation bracelets to hand out next week at the park with a little goody bag. "What do I put on first??" "Will you tie mine?" "Teacher! I can't tie!" "Teacher can you help me?" "Why do I have to put gold on first? I wanted to put red on first!" "Can I tie my own?" "Can I give this to my friend Natalie??" "Teacher!!!! She pulled my hair!" My head is still kind of spinning. The wonderful shouts of the girls was intresting but at the same time confusing. Thankfully I wasn't the only one, my grandma and another adult were in the room. But I tied quite a few knots, told a few girls to calm down more than once, and made 6 trips to the bathroom down the hall. Overall I enjoyed my time with the little girls, I am jealous that they get to go to Ga's what a fun time that is!! Maybe when I am big I will be a Ga leader? Who knows???