Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick like Update

So I have heard people miss me here in blogland.... I guess I didn't realize I was all that interesting. My life has been pretty boring, except for last week! My normal routine is school, Latin, AWANA, church, and Missions. But last week 2 of my best friends from Seattle came for a 5 day visit! Here is a quick review of what we did.

Saturday- Caitlin and Alyssa flew in! We went shopping, and did a few other not super fun things.

Sunday- We went to church, lunch, and then Discipleship Training, after discipleship training we stole my friend Cori from her parents and brought her home too. Four crazy teenager girls.... in the same house.... being insane! We ate lots of Goldfish crackers, laughed so much I thought I ruined my sides, and were generally off the edge.

Monday- We hung out at home, ate pancakes and sausage on a stick :), gave eachother make overs, and did some more crazy stuff. That evening we took Cori home, and then came back ate a quick dinner, gave each other super speedy manicures of fake nails, and headed off for AWANA.

Tuesday- On this day we went and dropped my sister off at college, then went to my favorite restaurant ever Tomato Street, where we each order fun meals. After that it was time to pick up my brothers from my aunts and let my mom and my aunt plan their class. Our source of entertainment was the fact that Caitlin had to take a French final.... it was lovely ;)

Wednesday- We didn't do a ton on Wednesday, hung out at home and did each others hair, helped study for classes, and mourned the fact that the next day would be our last. That evening we went to youth group and met up with Cori, who was sad the girls were leaving almost as much as me.

Thursday- We woke up terribly early (Okay fine, like 7:15!) got ready to go to co-op, loaded the stuff in the car, and headed off. Co-op was nothing overtly exciting, Latin, art, Latin. And during lunch we all almost had a panic attack because we though Caitlin had left her wallet at my house. She thankfully found it and didn't have to stay here, although I wouldn't have minded to badly her parents wanted her back.... After co-op we drove out to the airport and killed time by getting milkshakes at Jack in the Box. When the time finally arrived we had to drop them at the airport. We said a teary farewell, and they went through security. Only to get stopped because my silly friend Caitlin tried to take shampoo through.... When they finally reached the gate, my parents and I left. I was sad to see them leave. But I didn't have much time to mourn because in a mere 2 hours I was going to a play for Cori.

All in all it was a fabulous time! I miss my friends, but it was amazing to get to see them! I hope I have successfully redeemed myself to my old status in blogland. :) Hope to blog again soon about my exciting day of shadowing my city councilwoman.... Ta ta for now!