Monday, September 29, 2008


I absolutely love blogging! If you had not noticed I love changing templates, colors, backgrounds, where everything is on my blog, and just changing. It comes from being a new blogger! I just love using The Cutest Blog on the Block. com they have the absolute cutest backgrounds and fun things to had to your blog! I got the 6 B's from there, do you like it? My best friend and I talk about blogging a whole lot! She had I got blogs on the same day! I find something out and tell her or the other way around. We love blogging and really feel like big girls. Blogging is so fun!! I just adore it! When I blog I jsut feel so happy! I LOVE BLOGGING!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Forgetting or Forgotten?

I have this terrible habit of walking into a room staring for 12 precise seconds and forgetting what I have come for! If you have ever had this feeling you know where I am coming from because proably like me you get irratated when you forget. People say that only when you are old you forget everything. They lie like a rug!!! I am only 12 and cannot remeber but two words of what my friend and I talked about on the phone simply 20 minutes ago!! Is that not terrible? My mother always says that I only rember what I want to, but this is simply un-true! I don't mean to forget that she told me to clean my bedroom before blogging it just simply happens!!! I don't mean to forget that my dad told me to go get him a glass of water I just get caught up talking with my sisters. Which means that I am frequently in trouble. I tell people that frequently feel like an elderly person who cannot seem to rember what happend 20 minutes ago! I just forget. What was I talking about I left and forgot! Oh that's right forgetting! If you don't get my drift I apologize! But just forget that you ever read the blog and you will understand!
Forgetting is not a habit you get into it is simply something that you do without thinking. A simple slip up of the mind, a moment of stupidty where your brain doesn't function the way it should. I get these moments frequently much to frequently for any 12 year old girl. It simply makes me feel dumb! As if I a smart child cannot even rember what the teacher has asked because I forgot to ask if she was asking me! Did that make much sense to you? I didn't to me and I wrote it! Okay so I better finish before I forget what I was supposed to be doing!

Krazy old Keck!


I am so excited to finally have a blog!!! I really enjoy writing so I think that this will be a great outlet for my babbling! I have a book that has been typed, but is currently in critiquing mode! I hope that you will enjoy my journey of being a middle child, 12 years old, crazy, energetic, and Christ serving girl! I absolutely love reading others blogs, and I hope mine will be just as enjoyable! Although not near as funny, or well thought out as my friends and family's!!! I am so excited to finally have a blog I fell like a big girl now. Because my Mom, Aunt, sisters, and most of my friends have one! Have you ever had the feeling of finally being included in something fun? I just love that feeling! I am having fun so far!