Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Continue The Am I The Only One

So now in tradition of my aunt and mom I shall share some of my own little freaky quirks. 
Am I the only one who...
  1. Doesn't drink milk with their cereal! It already has milk in it duh! 
  2. Won't read sad books?? I refuse to read sad books, if someone dies, or if something bad happens I refuse to even consider reading it. That is why at age 13 I seldom read an adult book. 
  3. Can't stand cleaning her room, I would much rather wait until it becomes a health code violation to clean it. I don't mind picking up, but vacuuming and dusting YUK!! 
  4.  Would rather die than actually have to open up their science book? 
  5. Thinks that talking on the phone should be a sport?? Yes I talk on the phone all the time!! And if I am not talking on the phone I am e-mailing! BAAA-D habit! But thankfully my friends love me anyway! 
Have fun with this!! 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready? Set? SCHOOL!!

Okay, that fabulous time of year has arrived. That time when things go back to normal, and a pace you know and enjoy. September!! This is one of 4 months in my life when things aren't so crazy. School has it's schedule, church has another, plus co-op. So as summer slows down, I realize how much I love to get back into the regular routine. The routine of math, English, history, social studies, science (yuk!), and reading! I love summer, and all the excitement, and enjoyment it brings to me. But I also must admit to loving school, fall, that candy holiday in October, and most of all THANKSGIVING!!  When I ponder how much I have done during the summer, I begin to be glad that I'll have more time to blog, hurry my book along, and stare out the window at the falling leaves. How much time I will have to do that is yet to be discovered, but it will be more than in summer, that is for sure. Sure I'll miss running from city to city, relative to relative, and fun thing to fun thing. But I won't miss never being at home, and not being able to chill with my notebook and pen. So as fall breeches my senses, and summer fades to my memory, I will stay excited for what mission and plan the Lord has for my life.