Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SO HOT!!!!!!

So today I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my mom, and we looked at the thermometer. It read 115 degrees at 7:15 at night. We've hit the charts harder than Arizona!  We are in a hottest places around the country zone. I think that currently we are competing with Iraq in the way of heat. Since we don't have air conditioning it has been so hot!! I can't even believe it. I just want to curl up and sleep for 10 hours but it to hot to do even that!! 
My birthday is in 2 days!!! YEAH! I can't wait I will finally be able to ride in the front seat!! Yipee for me!! I am kind of enjoying the weather though, it reminds me of Texas. Where I love!! (I am jealous of my grandparents!!!) I hope to cool off by taking a cold shower in about 10 minutes, but who knows?? Can't wait for Centrifuge next week!!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to Famous People

Today I was watching some stuff on Michael Jackson who has recently died. I thought to my little self, "Self how sad would it be to be a part of his family?" I thought about if I had been what a tragedy this would be. He had kids and wife, a mother and father, and a few siblings that will all be hurting terribly. Michael Jackson will be remember throughout the ages as a pretty cool singer. Someone who had a lot of influence on music and culture. I am not sure about Michael Jackson's walk with God. I am pretty certain that he wasn't a Christian, but if he was he turned away. I pray that the Lord could change the hearts of his family through this awful tragedy. I hope that they will be moved by this hurt in their lives.

I also was reading somethings about Billy Mays who also died as of late. He was a excellent salesmen and a pretty cool guy. I was talking to my sister and we both said what a tragedy this was. How awful it'll be to have no one to yell at me on commercial breaks!! But still the hurt in the lives of his family and friends must be terrible. His memory will live in many hearts. But just as I am not sure of Michael Jackson's decision in they way of God, I don't know about Billy Mays or his family. But I will be praying that through this their families will find our God.

There will be a lot of hurting in this current month and months to come. Please be praying for these families and friends.