Monday, May 18, 2009

Babysitting Rufus! My Water Balloon!

Yes you read the title right, I have been so bored lately I have taken to babysitting a balloon. This was my own idea. I found a green balloon sitting on the TV stand the other day, while trying to fix the cable box. I have played with this balloon for 3 days now and enjoyed the balloon immensely. I named the balloon Rufus. Rufus is a very bland sort of person he doesn't do much, and stays very cold. Even when you hold him for long periods of time!!! Rufus is shaped like a yam, which I think is quite hilarious, a green yam!!! Anyway, Rufus makes a great companion when reading a book or watching TV. Becuase by holding Rufus, I can keep myself from chewing my nails. When your watching or reading something suspenseful, that is very diffucult. Rufus helps a ton, I love my little Rufus. I feel very strange being 12 years old and writing about how I adopted a water balloon and named him. Rufus sleeps in the bathroom on a washcloth, because if he is on the counter he won't roll off, and if he sadly breaks then he won't make a mess! So Rufus is my new best bud, and I enjoy this silly little thing in my life.

Rufus though reminds me of how God takes care of us. Just like I take care of Rufus, God takes care of me. Although I am a person with feelings, thoughts, and needs. Rufus is a water balloon, he cannot think, talk, or even move. So though a poor analogy I think that it is important to see God in all things. I realize that Rufus is a balloon, I am a person, and God is God, we all have different was that we work and make things better. Rufus gives me enjoyment, I can share that enjoyment with others by filling other balloons and handing them out, and God can show me that this enjoyment came from Him, that He is the one who created balloons and water!

So there you go, a nice little post that is about Rufus my new friend. I throughly enjoy Rufus, because when I ask him questions he never gives me stupid advice!!! Oh and he is pretty low mataince! I hope you too can find some little thing in life to adopt and let bring you happiness!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 Things I Adore!

Alright, I felt compelled to follow in the footsteps of my aunt, sister Robyn , and sister Clare. So here is my handy dandy little list.
  1. I love Summer Time!!!!! (AHHH SUN!!)
  2. TEXAS!!!!!!!! I can't wait until I can live there. My mom was talking to Robyn who says that it was 90 degress the other day!!! How wonderful!!
  3. The smell of old books. I was packing some old medical texts of my dads, and they smelled so fun. Kind of musty, and dusty!
  4. Flip-flops!! I think I must have at least 20 pairs!! Even though I only get to wear them like 3 weeks out of the year. (Well, if I wear them when most normal people do. I don't!!)
  5. Exclamation points!! Who needs periods??? Just write like you are talking with a reason or possibly yelling?!??!
  6. Hold My Heart by 10Th Avenue North. It is a song, and I love it!!!
  7. Target!! My favorite store in the whole world!!
  8. E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I would do without it, I never have to call anyone unless I want to!!!!!
  9. 18 Kids and Counting! Such a wonderful show, I could never be like them!!!
  10. Checking the Mail! Don't ask me why, but I do this everyday, and love it!!

Okay random list. I am probably so weird!! But I know everyone loves me anyway!!:)