Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay, so at one point in this last week I had 17 people at my house! ALERT ALERT FREAKING OUT! No just kidding. It has actually been really fun, I am about to update you on everything so it may take awhile.

My mom-Not much to tell, just gets a little upset when things aren't running smooth-ish.
Robyn-Good at keeping peace between the sisterhood, makes sure that everyone is doing what they should. (At the moment she is reminding me to get the clothes out the dryer!)
Joel-Being hilarious!! Man alive, I didn't know a person could be so funny, he has just proved me wrong. He is also pretty amazing at keeping small, evil children in check!
Clare-Doing what Clare does best! Helping with whatever needs done. Also preparing for the race she will be running in May, hopefully I will get to go with her!
Katy-Is relishing in the fact that it is spring break! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And being amazing at shuffling me and Lisa Dawn around.
Lisa Dawn-Is taking care of business, I mean children. She is babysitting, baking, and cleaning! Go Lisa Dawn!!
Me-I am being totally lazy and typing a blog. But then again I don't feel so bad, because Clare is reading, Lisa Dawn is banging, and Katy is talking on the phone. (Real effect I know! Just Kidding!!)
Luke-Being his usual irratating self. Actually he has been pretty helpful in getting children out of parents hair.
Gillyan-Being tiny mom! Whooho! She is really good at making the kids be helpful and stay clean whilst outside.
Mark-Doing absolutely nothing! Nah, he had a doctor's appointment today that went swimmingly. But otherwise he's been basically boring and regular.
Gideyon-Pirates, soliders, Star Wars, you name it and it's boyish Gideyon loves it! So basically he has run around with sword and gun in hand!
Josie-What a cutie pie! I don't think she could be any cuter! She is so sweet and helpful. In fact this morning she made my bed! Thanks Josie!
Carson-Aw, what do I say about him? Um well, he goes around mostly terrorizing people with things like swords or sticks. And absolutely adores "buddy" his pacifier. I am pretty taken with him. I adore him even though yesterday he went around say, "Kelly-Evil!!" Thanks a bazoodle Robyn!
Anyway basically the run down. Oh my dad is in New Orleans, actually he comes home tonight. And if you are thinking, wait whoa! There isn't enough people, my aunt, two cousins, and grandma were here a few days ago. But they had to go home.
But there you go, everything you need to know about my week and more! By the by, I may not post for another long while, because I am super busy lately.
Thanks for reading!