Sunday, June 7, 2009

Telling the World of Their Risen Savior

These past few weeks I have been reading the Left Behind series by Dr. Tim Lahaye, and Jerry B. Jenkins. The correlations to the book and our current world made me realize how close we are. 1 world government, talk about 1 world currency, and other things like Obama not allowing prayer in the White house. In the books their are things like 1 world currency, 1 world religion, and 1 world government. The things that I see going on in our world today make it seem like it is so much closer to what we all look forward to the Rapture of Christ's church. I cannot wait until that day when I am in Heaven with my Jesus.

But I mourn for those left behind, I realize that we need to get out and evangalize more than before. We need to get people to understand what is going to happen if they don't turn their lives over to God. I feel like I should be telling people of Jesus every where, with what I do, say, and the way that I live. It is us Christians responsiblity to show people the love of Christ. It is so important that they know what they are turning down when they refuse Christ. Everyone deserves a chance to know Jesus and to have a personal realtionship with the Creator. Jesus says that we need to be disicples, and that means telling everyone of the love of Jesus. We are all sinners saved by grace, extend that to someone else. Don't hide the greatest thing in the world, because you think others will make fun of you. Would you rather someone go to a pit of burning fire or you be laughed at?? We need to get out there and share even though some may scoff or laugh at you, you can be assured that you will have a jewel in your crown for sharing with them!! I want you to know that Jesus is the risen savior and that is the most important thing you can share with anyone.

We frequently see things like 'Help feed hungry kids in Africa' that is a wonderful thing, but are we only fulfilling their physical needs, we need to fill their spiritual needs. Jesus is the bread of life, and He will supply all their needs. So we can help, but let us help by giving them the Bread of Life, by giving them Jesus, by showing them that they can be filled!! My prayer is that we would not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, but that we would go and be missionaries, pastors, and most importantly sowers of the seeds of Jesus!! So contemplate as you go through your day how you can share with someone you know the gospel of Christ. Because that is the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself and them.