Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So I figured I should post my list of thankful-things while I had time. I'm very excited about the holidays indeed, busy, but less busy at the same time :)

Anyways! Here's my list of things I'm thankful for :)
  1. Mi Familia :) (My family) Yup all bazillion of them, I'm grateful for their love and support.
  2. My Friends! My life wouldn't be quite the same without these amazing people in it.
  3. My phone, yes this made the list, I am a very sad person without it.
  4. The Internet/my computer :) These things make my life much much easier, especially with school!
  5. Starbucks :D Aww the joy this little place brings me :) How wonderful a nice black tea is on a hot day, and a warm mocha on a cold day (:
  6. Books, I absolutely love to read so I'd be a miserable person without books.
  7. TV, my new obsession is PanAm, oh my gosh this show is amazing! So yup I'm pretty grateful for it.
Alright well that's all for today. I may think of more things later, but for right now there's my list :) Sorry no fancy pictures... But I'm a little bit lazy... Lol anyways ta-ta for now :)

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Rachel said...

Kels - I didn't realize you'd updated your blog. I love a list, so I was intrigued naturally. I also love that Starbucks made your list. Starbucks is amazing :)