Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So I figured I should post my list of thankful-things while I had time. I'm very excited about the holidays indeed, busy, but less busy at the same time :)

Anyways! Here's my list of things I'm thankful for :)
  1. Mi Familia :) (My family) Yup all bazillion of them, I'm grateful for their love and support.
  2. My Friends! My life wouldn't be quite the same without these amazing people in it.
  3. My phone, yes this made the list, I am a very sad person without it.
  4. The Internet/my computer :) These things make my life much much easier, especially with school!
  5. Starbucks :D Aww the joy this little place brings me :) How wonderful a nice black tea is on a hot day, and a warm mocha on a cold day (:
  6. Books, I absolutely love to read so I'd be a miserable person without books.
  7. TV, my new obsession is PanAm, oh my gosh this show is amazing! So yup I'm pretty grateful for it.
Alright well that's all for today. I may think of more things later, but for right now there's my list :) Sorry no fancy pictures... But I'm a little bit lazy... Lol anyways ta-ta for now :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Busy! :)

So you may be thinking "Kelly you're crazy! You were busy the whole summer... What does that title even mean??" Allow me to explain. This is what normal week looks like for me during the school year.

Sunday- Church in the morning, lunch with family in the afternoon, LIT at Awana in the evening, and homework at home at night.

Monday- More homework :) Yay me!, cleaning house, and getting ready to attend Awana that night.

Tuesday- Homework, chores, babysitting, just depends lol Tuesdays are designated days for me to do whatever mom needs.

Wednesday- Finishing homework to get ready to turn in, chores, and church in the evenings.

Thursday- This is my crazy day :) It includes waking up at 5:50 (Gag me with a spoon! :P ), going to school from 8AM-3PM, and then running around with my mom after being picked up from school.

Friday- This is my relaxing morning before doing homework in the afternoons.

And Finally Saturday- This day involves homework and whatever my mom needs me to be doing.

So if you thought summer was crazy, meet September-May lol It's fun though, I'm glad to be back to having a "Schedule" (That's funny because everything is subject to change at my house lol) Hopefully I'll be able to keep you more in the loop throughout the school year :)
Kelly :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Review on Bad Girls of the Bible

So I recently joined a site called Blogging for Books by Waterbrook Multnomah, a Christian book publisher. I signed up to blog on one of their books and was given options, I chose Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs. The book was beautifully written. I very much enjoyed it. It presented women of the Bible, like Eve, Jezebel, and Lot's wife. These women were all ranked either bad for a moment or bad for eternity. Liz Higgs presented the women in a way that she would first write a fiction short story that was about a woman much like the Biblical one except for modern, then present you the Bible story verse by verse. She would discuss with you the woman and her actions that made her "bad". It was very informative and I came to look at some of the women in a completely different light. It also makes you recognize flaws in your own walk with Christ. I highly encourage you to read this book. It was so well written, very informative, and extremely good.
Thanks for reading my review!
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I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest, unbiased review, by the publisher, Waterbrook Multnomah.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance

So today as missions leader for my youth group I was doing my duty and researching France. The country we will be praying for and learning about in the month of March. Well I thought it might be kind of cool to research the Pledge of Allegiance for France.
I found out though that we, America, are the only country with a pledge of allegiance. I Googled pledge of France, it took me to Wiki-Answers. This was the answer to the question, "What is the pledge of France?"

"I know of only one country that has a national pledge, and that is the USA. It may surprise you to know that many of the rest of us find the idea of the pledge, especially in schools, abhorrent and propagandist."

Somehow that made me feel amazing. Yeah, I live in the only country with a pledge of allegiance. We say it loud and proud all the time. And you know what? It has God in it! Yes, I was suddenly very proud of my country.
How often though do we forget what an amazing country we live in? I know I often get caught up in whining about our politics, our ideals, and the way our country has been ignoring God. Although all those things are true, and can be frustrating, it doesn't mean we are any less of an amazing country! I feel that often we get too busy complaining about things we don't like and not enough being grateful for what we have in our country.
I am so thankful God has blessed America in the way he has, in spite of our rebellious sinful nature. So to wrap up this odd post of randomness. I would like to encourage you the next time you begin to complain to think of the freedoms you enjoy here in America.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick like Update

So I have heard people miss me here in blogland.... I guess I didn't realize I was all that interesting. My life has been pretty boring, except for last week! My normal routine is school, Latin, AWANA, church, and Missions. But last week 2 of my best friends from Seattle came for a 5 day visit! Here is a quick review of what we did.

Saturday- Caitlin and Alyssa flew in! We went shopping, and did a few other not super fun things.

Sunday- We went to church, lunch, and then Discipleship Training, after discipleship training we stole my friend Cori from her parents and brought her home too. Four crazy teenager girls.... in the same house.... being insane! We ate lots of Goldfish crackers, laughed so much I thought I ruined my sides, and were generally off the edge.

Monday- We hung out at home, ate pancakes and sausage on a stick :), gave eachother make overs, and did some more crazy stuff. That evening we took Cori home, and then came back ate a quick dinner, gave each other super speedy manicures of fake nails, and headed off for AWANA.

Tuesday- On this day we went and dropped my sister off at college, then went to my favorite restaurant ever Tomato Street, where we each order fun meals. After that it was time to pick up my brothers from my aunts and let my mom and my aunt plan their class. Our source of entertainment was the fact that Caitlin had to take a French final.... it was lovely ;)

Wednesday- We didn't do a ton on Wednesday, hung out at home and did each others hair, helped study for classes, and mourned the fact that the next day would be our last. That evening we went to youth group and met up with Cori, who was sad the girls were leaving almost as much as me.

Thursday- We woke up terribly early (Okay fine, like 7:15!) got ready to go to co-op, loaded the stuff in the car, and headed off. Co-op was nothing overtly exciting, Latin, art, Latin. And during lunch we all almost had a panic attack because we though Caitlin had left her wallet at my house. She thankfully found it and didn't have to stay here, although I wouldn't have minded to badly her parents wanted her back.... After co-op we drove out to the airport and killed time by getting milkshakes at Jack in the Box. When the time finally arrived we had to drop them at the airport. We said a teary farewell, and they went through security. Only to get stopped because my silly friend Caitlin tried to take shampoo through.... When they finally reached the gate, my parents and I left. I was sad to see them leave. But I didn't have much time to mourn because in a mere 2 hours I was going to a play for Cori.

All in all it was a fabulous time! I miss my friends, but it was amazing to get to see them! I hope I have successfully redeemed myself to my old status in blogland. :) Hope to blog again soon about my exciting day of shadowing my city councilwoman.... Ta ta for now!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I am Disgusted by!

Okay, so I know my aunt just did something like this. But I really liked the idea so now I am doing it.
So here we go things that make me almost be sick!
  1. Hair that isn't attached to things or people. So like, if I find a hair in the shower, I may potentially become sick to my stomach. Yes I can sometimes become sick because of hairs.
  2. Snakes! Yeeuck! Gross, gross, gross. The sight of a snake on TV makes me want to curl up in a ball in a glass box, with the lid tightly fastened! Snakes make me get goosebumps.
  3. Rats, yes my friends, rats give me the willies, with their creepy teeth, and nas-tacaular tails. I see a rat and I may potential give a frightened scream. Mice are fine, but NO rats!!
  4. Textures, it sounds weird, but if you feed me something or make me touch something that's slimy, I am going to kind of freak out on you. I am a texture FREAK!! I refuse to eat things that don't have a normal texture, such as whipped cream or Jello. Neither one has a normal texture and I can't handle that! No sir-ee!
  5. Spoiled things, like gross milk. I cannot do the sight of something that is chuckily grody! Like spoiled Milk or cottage cheese. They will make me vomit. That's an unnice term, but good grief it's totally true. Sooo, if I come to your house for lunch, no cottage cheese for me!
And theirs my list. I hope you enjoyed it and it inspired you to write a list of your own.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Waiting Game (Again!)

So in my life (well, in any one's life) you spend plenty of time waiting. Waiting to grow up, waiting for school to start, waiting for school to end, waiting for the newest movie (to be in the cheap theater! he he), and waiting for something big. Well right now, I'm mainly waiting for a new house... and bunch of other stuff. I am a very impatient person, so having to wait is not my idea of a good time. Plus if you've read my sisters blogs, or my mothers, or even my aunts, you will quickly discover there isn't much patience floating around for me to latch onto. I'm also waiting for my new curriculum. I don't like waiting, it's boring! I mean lots of times it feels like you sit around and wait and time crawls by and you wait some more. Well, anyway, hopefully by the first of September, we'll have a house and I'll have my curriculum. Thanks for reading my prattle. Hope to see something from most of you soon!